We Made Patches!!!!

We Made Patches!!!!

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Our metalsmith designed this on a lark, but here we are. These are limited edition; we ordered EXACTLY 100 of these, and there will not be a second printing. The numbers available may fluctuate a bit, as some folks wrote and reserved them before the pre-order went up, and if those folks don't actually want them, we'll add to the number available, but there will be only ever 100 of these in the world. I have, truly, no idea how long these will last, so grab one now if you want it. I paid the tiny bit extra to make these iron-on, but I still recommend a few stitches, based on my own experience with this style of patch.

If you want to order multiples, click "add to cart" and then edit the number in your cart; There will only ever be this one thing on the website that multiples are an option, so... it's slightly convoluted but it works.

The Grumpmaster General Badge was meant to be based on the Postmaster General badge, but then it turned out postmasters don't get badges!! So, instead, it is based on a random park ranger badge because park angers are the bomb. I started out just changing the text, but... then I replaced the eagle with an opossum, for obvious reasons; also the opossum tail replaced half the laurel wreath. And then it still didn't look right, so I took out the optimistic sunrise in the middle and put in an angry owl face. Then the other half of the laurel wreath looked out of place, so now it's the feathered edge of the owl's face. Then I went back and forth with the embroiderer several times working out line width, level of detail, etc, and here we are with this thing of beauty!

Shipping SHOULD come up as 1 dollar, not matter how many of these you add to your cart, but please remember; this is the first time we're doing this and we're on a learning curve. If the shipping comes up higher, please let me know and I will fix it.