About us

Vagabond Metalworks is a small company. The company is just one human and a growing roster of small animals who don't help out all that much. Our metalsmith (the human, Kest Schwartzman, They/Them) has a degree in metalsmithing from Massachusetts College of Art. They started making masks before they received that degree, so has proudly been making and selling their work as Vagabond Metalworks for over 20 years, now. Practice makes perfect, and each piece is perfectly fit for comfort, and made to be as strong and as individual as you are. Each one gets a name, and each one is remembered (mostly) fondly. For all of that twenty years, our metalsmith is still coming up with new ideas, and getting better every day.

The staff also consists of two Doves (Colombina and Pulchinella); in charge of HR and Security respectively, but also our best models, and a Dog, (Flyhthwæt) who is our shipping manager. Again, though, really the human just does all the jobs.

We ship once a week, on Wednesdays. If you need your piece sooner, email; we can almost always accommodate. If there's a holiday coming up (Carnival, Halloween, Christmas) we'll just assume you're in a hurry and get your new friend in the mail right away.