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Pronoun Pins
Pronoun Pins

Pronoun Pins

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PLEASE READ: This listing is being absolutely RUSHED onto the website; I told myself I'd wait till I had time to do it right, but I really just want to get these into people's hands and onto their hats/vests/shirts/bags/overalls/etc. I will get better photos in November. PLEASE NOTE: While I have some of these done, and am cranking them out as fast as I can, there is no way to set up the website to track inventory with the sliding scale payment structure! You may have to wait for me to make your pin before I can mail it. If you order this along with other things, and I'm behind on pins, I'll ship your other things right away, and get your pin out as soon as possible in a separate package. Pins may take as much as two weeks to make, not because they take a long time, but because if I'm not at the shop, I can't make anything at all, and October has me running all over the east coast.

Okay, the rest of the reading is optional:

I got a new tool! These are rolled out, not unlike a printing press but, um, with a lot more force. Other than the actual writing, they're done much the way everything at Vagabond is done; handcut, sanded, annealed, (this is where the rolling goes) then, in this case, drilled, cut some more and sanded some more (the part to hold the pin is done after rolling). You will not be receiving the exact pin from the photos, these are made to order.

Payment for the pronoun pins is sliding scale; pay 10/15/20/25/30 dollars, I won't even notice which it was. I want you to have one.

For now, these are the only pronoun sets I've got; if there's others you'd like to see, please feel free to let me know and I will do my best; fair warning, though, it took me almost a year to get the tooling to do these ones, and it'll be about as long before I can get anything else done.