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Ghost is not just a spectuacular mask; he's also a piece of Vagabond History. This fellow was the first of our big guys; the first time our metalsmith ever made a full head piece, the time our metalsmith was featured in a major newspaper (the Boston Globe) the first time we went viral on the internet, the first time we got swept of our small-business feet. We're not selfish, though, and we don't need to keep all that for ourselves. 

Ghost is fully wearable, but not good for crowds. He largely knocks out binocular vision, effectively taking away your depth perception. He has a built in hanger for wall display, or balances nicely on any flat surface. 

Ghost is a (giant but otherwise) anatomically correct skull of a swamp sparrow. Why a swamp sparrow? Because they have absurdly short beaks, and even if you THINK you want to be dressed as a raven, you do not want to balance the proportionally correct 3 foot long beak a raven of your size would have. But I won't tell, and you can say he's whatever bird you want.