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MIT #1- size Small

MIT #1- size Small

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Some years ago (almost a decade ago?) I got a call from a friend. He worked for MIT, and they were redoing the roof, and there was copper in the trash, and I should come by and get it. There was a problem, though; at the time, I had a bicycle, and my feet, and that was it. So I went by, anyway, and he had pulled some for me, and through various shenanigans, I got it home.
This is the last piece I have made from MITs roof. Will it make you smarter? Maybe. Probably not. But it sure -looks- smart.

This cuff is heavier, tougher, and more badass than most of my bracelets. It is also less flexible. I recommend it for a wrist right about 6 inches around, maybe plus or minus as much as a quarter inch.

______________________SIZE CHART________________________

Sizing is quite flexible, but there's nothing that fits everyone. We've made sizes for everyone along the gender spectrum. 

X-small- best fit on a wrist 5.5 around. Will comfortably fit wrists 5-6 inches around. This really is very small.
Small- best fit on wrist 6 inches around. Will comfortably fit a wrist 5.5-6.5 inches around. 
Medium- best fit on a 6.5 inch wrist. Will comfortably fit a wrist 6-7 inches.
Large- best fit on a 7 inch wrist. Will comfortably fit a wrist 6.5-7.5 inches.
X-large- best fit on a 7.5 inch wrist. Will comfortably fit a 7-8 inch wrist. 
XX-large- best fit on an 8 inch wrist. Will comfortably fit a wrist from 7.5-8.5 inches.