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Custom for Viktor

A custom piece for Viktor. No photos because it isn't made yet.

A number of years back, I saw a painting of Diana, in which she was wearing a crown that was also a set of horns. I loved it. Folks had been asking for tiaras and crowns for years, and all the sudden, I wanted to make them. So I began making them. That's the whole story.

These crowns are flexible. They can be bent in a little and be worn a bit forward to stand up more, or bent a little out and be worn more as a headband. Will fit pretty much all adult heads. They stay on quite well just by their own natural springiness, but we've also drilled holes at the end, just in case you want a ribbon or pins or other extra security. Not intended as a toy for children- just as a toy for adults who may or may not be grown up. Your call.