Gift Certificate!

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Gift Certificate!

from 22.50

Did you procrastinate and there's no longer time for shipping a gift?
Is there still plenty of time, but you want to give the joy of selecting a mask, as well as the joy of owning it?
Are you just really not sure what piece your friend might want?
Do you want to split the cost of a mask with a friend?
We've allowed options for most of our most common prices on masks and crowns, as well as one that is half of our least expensive masks/crowns. At the higher amounts, your friend can get two masks and share with you (or just one really great mask)
If the recipient doesn't want a mask, the certificate works on anything on the website. 

This is the first time we've ever offered this, so we didn't pay the extra money to our website providers to set this up automatically. It's going to work like this: You buy this item. Within 14 hours (probably within 2 hours, but we'd rather be early than late, so let's say 14) you will get an email with a one time use code for the amount you pay for. We'll make it something that you can easily copy into a card (it will be words, not a long string of numbers and symbols). You can then give that card to anyone you like, or keep it for yourself. 
We will also keep a record of your code. Your code will not expire. If, at some point in the future, we move our website to a new platform and your code hasn't been used, we'll bring all those codes with us, even if it is frustrating to do so. If the recipient wants to use the code in person, at a show, we can arrange that, but emailing us a heads up beforehand will make that WAY easier, so write that in the card, too. If the recipient wants to use it in person at one of our open houses, that works fine, we have a computer at those things. 

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