photo credit: Charles Pham

Vagabond Metalworks:

Vagabond Metals is all about being one of a kind, affordable, and easy to wear. We use metal here to evoke the natural landscape from which the ore emerged. Some pieces are very bold, shouting of earthquakes, while others whisper of quiet fields of rustling grass, or paths through autumn woods. The range of work calls up all the world, asking you to explore it, and reminding you that if you can get there, it's tough enough to go with you. Like any good traveling companion, these pieces are a bit eccentric- each is entirely different from every other piece I have ever created. Each has their own personality, as organic and hard to define as each of your friends. We know each by name, and remember every single one.


Kest Schwartzman:

Kest Schwartzman studied metalsmithing at Massachusetts College of Art. She rides a bike everywhere she goes, and sometimes sleeps in trees. She treats her jewelry very, very badly, and her hammers very, very well.